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Grass delivery in Winter Park, Florida.

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Our grass is cut to order, fresh from the farm. Be confident that the grass you ordered was cut fresh just for you! We don't deliver grass that has been sitting on pallets out in the sun on our lot.

We sell a variety of grass types which you can read about on our website here. The two most popular choices in Winter Park are Floratam St. Augustine and Empire Zoysia.

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Grass available for pickup or delivery to Winter Park

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•Celebration Bermudagrass•
•Argentine Bahia•

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Empire Zoysia grass in Winter Park 
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Which grass is right for me?

Floratam St. Augustine grass is the number 1 grass in Florida. It has a long history as the premier grass for our climate. It is a deep green, with long, thick blades of grass. Be sure to give it plenty of water throughout the year.

Seville St. Augustine is similar to Floratam, but is shade tolerant and slightly lighter in color. If Seville can't handle the amount of shade, you will need to consider an alternate ground cover!

Empire Zoysia is a newer popular choice for home owners due to its chinch bug resistance and improved draught tolerance. It has finer blades than St. Augustine, but is still very dense.

For specific use cases, you can try Celebration Bermudagrass. It get mowed the lowest and is often used for golf courses, soccer fields and other sport applications.